Relax! We're not in the business of scamming or eating tokens, and there is a logical explanation for this. 

Tokens earned using both our rewarded video and offerwalls are subject to third-party approval by the vendor that we work with to serve the advertisements. In both cases, we need to confirm that the offer was completed and sometimes, this takes a few minutes. 

First, if you're using the app on both iOS and Android, try re-starting the app. Sometimes, it's as easy as this. 

Should this not do the trick, then there are some easy steps to follow:


1. Go to the Earn Tokens page, and select the offerwall (the place where you earn tokens). 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the offerwall and click the "Missing Points/Earnings" button on the bottom of the offerwall.

3. You'll land on a page that displays the status of the offers that you have completed and/or started

4. Review this page - if your offer is "pending" it means that the third party is evaluating the offer; if it's "complete" and you have not received tokens, then choose the offer you have not received credit for and click the "Missing Points" button.

5. Fill out all necessary information [Please note that the ticket must be composed of a minimum of 50 characters and that the ticket must be meaningful (no Gibberish)].

6. Attach a proof (preferably a complete screenshot) which confirms you have completed the offer. Make sure that the date is visible.

7. Click "Submit Ticket."

8. If you receive no response or closure here - please reach out to us here in Support at PrankDial. 


1. Open the "Earn Tokens" page

2. Once open the offerwall will contain a little "support" button in the lower left-hand corner

3. This will open the Fyber support page, which shows both completed and pending offers

4. If the credits are still pending after an inordinate amount of time, then use the "report problem" button" to email Fyber

5. Should you have additional problems, you may contact PrankDial Support