PrankDial works best in its supported countries, but is available online throughout the world. Really anywhere an internet connection exists, you'll be able to access PrankDial, but there may be some quirks in using it properly. 

Currently, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, and Australia are supported countries. This means you will be able to send free calls in those countries. Outside of these countries, you'll end up using the US version of the app, but there are some restrictions:

  1. Outside the US there is no international calling functionality - this applies to supported countries that are not the US as well 
  2. Generally, in markets that are unsupported, calls will be token-only, which is determined by the cost of the call
  3. You will likely pay 2+ tokens for calls in unsupported geos. because of calling costs
  4. Some numbers will be completely unsupported

If you have any questions about this - please reach out to support.